sabato 24 gennaio 2009

Travel in Italy - Christmas 2008

For X-Mas, before leaving from Vancouver, I've got a nice small sketching album from a friend.
It was a perfect idea as this time, my holidays in Italy, has been filled by some day spent traveling in few of the most beautiful Italian cities (Kym's 1st time in Italy deserved it).
Rome is missing (a part the restaurant) and one Venice picture is incomplete in my book, as I didn't have always time to stop and make my drawings. Anyway, I'm pretty happy I could those.
I didn't take any picture, as Kym have an amazing new camera, and hopefully soon he will have something on our Flickr account....

Some photos of when I was drawing in Venezia here and here

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jimmy ly ha detto...

great sketches Morena! very inspiring; makes you want to travel to italy

oh and you've been linked. I'm not sure why I didnt do it sooner :]

Leda ha detto...

Nice sketches!