martedì 13 aprile 2010

DrSketchy Toronto -Samara

A note for my readers... I got a ear infection last winter, which made me feel incredibly tired for around 3 months, so I didn't join Dr sketchy for a while as would be right after work until 10pm on certain Mondays.
I have to say also that I chose to don't go to Dr Sketchy Toronto when I think the model might be too sexual, as I'm just looking for something original with crazy elegant/old/folk costumes or comic style characters.
So finally other new sketches with a charming model, Samara.
Anyway, I've finally started my Fabriano Venezia drawing book, that was gifted to me from Anna, Loic, Erin and Julien 3 years ago and never have the braveness to use such a good paper. Then Anna told me that paper is paper, it was gifted to be used. So here I am! And with this is my 3rd book of Dr sketchy art.
For who wants to see more, as usual you can go on my Flickr collection ;-)

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