lunedì 2 agosto 2010

28* Sketchcrawl in Toronto

... A Sketch with history narration on it... lets start to guess what happen!!!
To see other of my sketchcrawl results, clic on this LINK

Un disegno con una storia su di se... Do' il via alle supposizioni suq quello che possa essere successo!
Altri skizzi durante i miei sketchcrawl possono essere visti QUI.

to see what's this event about and what people did in the world look about Sketchcrawl!

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Alina Chau ha detto...

Hi Morena,

Love your drawings!

Thank you for checking out my blog and web-site.
Here is the direct links to all my Podcast:

The movie file in there only contain audio and still images. They are MP4 files, it should work. Depend on the internet connection speed, sometimes you may need to wait a bit for all the files to load.

Best wishes,

Alina ^_____^