lunedì 12 settembre 2011

Funny animal beanies and other crafty stuffs

 Last winter, with my friend Annie, we did 6 beanies for Christmas gifts. Our friends were enthusiast. Other friends told us we should have make more and sell them. 
Annie is great figuring out the pattern for realizing my ideas. We simplified some old design, and made some new one. And now...our beanies have PAWS and WINGS!
Getting something from a design to a real wearable hat is really fun.
Unfortunately we didn't find anybody that would buy them, so we now have a lot of new gifts right now for family and ourselves.
Annie got really enthusiast and with her friend Pam does also some mini hat, rings, magnets and now I am starting with some sculpty modeling for pins and whatnot as well. For updates you can check here the beanies and the magnets/pins

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