lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Cupcakes decoration!

                   Well, I had a curiosity about how to use my modelling skills elsewhere than 3D, so I though about cake decoration, which lately got wild in shapes and colors. In order to understand something more I decided to do a 2 hour saturday morning course at LeDolci (with my friend Kathrine), so I experimented with stamps and fondant colors. I actually got some idea of how to transfer my 3D digital modeling knowledge to the making of these, but it's a surprise for later on.
I also did some new clay modeling, after I went to the ROM few weekends ago, there was the Maya exibition (open until April), where I got enchanted by this incense burner with a very nice stylized design of the sun God and some Imix monster, and so I did this candle older cutting off the eyes of the monster. Then I did some sketches of the stuffed animals they have over there (an amazing collection I have to say), so I did the turtle, converted to a pencil holder. At least these sculptures are useful!

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