sabato 5 maggio 2012

the sun song

Ok, I am so busy lately but I still have a old post I can put on for the 3 friends that actually follow my blog ;-)

I got myself a Snowball microphone on boxing day, and yes, it took me few times to get this, as I was learning the wonderful world of Garage Band.
Then I realized i can do also base, loops of my guitar (otherwise it's terrible) and multiple track voices!
Anyway, my singing is a bit rusty and I won't spend further time refining it (I take care of my neighbor NOW), but I hope it can give you some push into this free software that come with the Mac.
The song I'm sharing here, is a cover of "La canzone del sole" from a classic italian singer sadly gone few years ago, Lucio Battisti, (it's one of these songs Italians always sing and play around the bonfire). At the end there are tons of voices, but it's just like the original, I'm not being really creative here :-P
Well, have fun!

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