sabato 29 novembre 2008

Other People in the bus

This was done at the Vancouver Sketch group of today, but first sketched on the bus. I really enjoy this group. If you're in Vancouver and want to join us, look for this group in Facebook, there are the updates for every saturdays meeting point ;)

giovedì 6 novembre 2008

Cirque du Soleil

I've been at the end of June at the Cirque du Soleil in Vancouver.
Was the 1st time I saw this circus company, and this show was "Corteo", which surprisingly for me, had songs sang in Italian :P The show was just amazing, with the choreography and the acrobats.
I did a couple of sketches in the break, and I'm finally finishing them with the color version. I'm enjoying a lot watercolors in the last 2 weeks and today I finally bought a blending brush, it's very useful if you want to paint outside.

domenica 2 novembre 2008

Sketching at Studio 221A

Thursday, surfing on the Scketchcrawl forum, I stumbled in few post by artist I recognized to be at the meeting of last Saturday. I checked amazing the blog of Edison Yan and I discover that he meet with lots of other locals to some cafe during Saturday afternoons. Because of the Halloween Partying of the night before, the session of yesterday was guested by Jonathan Tiong, in his art Studio, a very interesting place where to have a space to do your own or collective art. If you're in Vancouver and need of a creative environment to do your art, you can contact the ppl at the 221A Studio, or you can give them suggestions for organize an art gallery. Ah, I didn't become Psicopatic ;-) The 1st draw is about my friend Sarah, babysitting for Halloween, and the 2nd one is about my other friend Melaina, dressed as Halloween version of Alice in Wonderland.