giovedì 29 aprile 2010


No, not born from my mind, this is a action figure of Kym, just "pinker".
No, non me lo sono inventata, mi sono messa a fare una statuetta di Kym, solo che l'ho fatto piu' sul rosa.

martedì 13 aprile 2010

DrSketchy Toronto -Samara

A note for my readers... I got a ear infection last winter, which made me feel incredibly tired for around 3 months, so I didn't join Dr sketchy for a while as would be right after work until 10pm on certain Mondays.
I have to say also that I chose to don't go to Dr Sketchy Toronto when I think the model might be too sexual, as I'm just looking for something original with crazy elegant/old/folk costumes or comic style characters.
So finally other new sketches with a charming model, Samara.
Anyway, I've finally started my Fabriano Venezia drawing book, that was gifted to me from Anna, Loic, Erin and Julien 3 years ago and never have the braveness to use such a good paper. Then Anna told me that paper is paper, it was gifted to be used. So here I am! And with this is my 3rd book of Dr sketchy art.
For who wants to see more, as usual you can go on my Flickr collection ;-)

lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Xmas in Australia

Finally the watercolors made during the travel I made with Kym on Christmas 2009/ New Year 2010!
As amazing can be wondering all these amazing animals and swimming in the ocean during Dec 28th, I wished I had more time to spend to wonder around. Kym and his family have been that nice to show me so many things and places anyway, I've been lucky with my tourism!
For friends and family, I'd suggest to give a look to the 2 new album "Australia" in Flickr. Who would miss mr. kangaroo hugging Kym?!!

Finalmente gli acquerelli fatti durante le vacanze di Natale 2009, stavolta in Australia, per conoscere i genitori di Kym.
Ho avuto l'occasione di ammirare animali esotici molto affascinanti e fare il bagno nell'oceano il 28 dicembre! Peccato che le ferie lavorative non permettano mai il tempo che sarebbe veramente necessario per visitare questi posti bellissimi. Cmq sono stata fortunata che Kym e la sua famiglia si siano presi l'impegno di farmi visitare molti posti e vedere molte cose.
Per amici e parenti suggerisco di andare a vedere gli ultimi 2 album nella cartella "Australia" nella nostra raccolta di foto in Flickr. Chi si vorrebbe mai perdere di vedere un canguro che abbraccia Kym?!!