sabato 21 luglio 2012

Mailbag Pocket Duo!

Mailbag Pocket Duo!, a set on Flickr.
last winter I finally learnt to sew. I had some scraps and I bought some beautiful quart of yard quit fabric in Montreal (l'Effiloche) and checked online how to do a Mailbag pocket duo (from the book "One Yard Wonders") and did my own versions (you can see I made 2 different versions, it's about try and error process). There is a 3rd one, but I gave it to my mum :-)


A couple of months ago we took part to a street fest, and my neighbour allowed me to full body paint their toddler! it was really hard, because he would moove, and get tickled by the brush, but we're really happy of the result!

martedì 17 luglio 2012

Wedding in Esterel (QC) + 36th sketchcrawl

esterel1_web by kym.watts
esterel1_web, a photo by kym.watts on Flickr.
Well, it happen to be during the 36th sketchcrawl so I didn't miss the chance to do some sketch on the river of the Lake. Here some extra one (last 3 scans)
Everything was AMAZING! The location, the hotel, the food, the reception, the wedding in the little church, Catherine and all my old friends. I had a great time!
Updates: Jeremy is working on the sketchcrawl documentary that we filmed back in April, so hang in there, we'll have the video soon!

sabato 7 luglio 2012

what can happen in 9 Weeks

week9_cleanup_compoWeb by kym.watts
week9_cleanup_compoWeb, a photo by kym.watts on Flickr.
And here after 9 weeks, I'm really happy with the results (and hopefully this is only the beginning!) Here the rest of my submitted assignments. Please contact me personally if you wish to have more info!