lunedì 23 aprile 2012

35 Sketchcrawl in kensington Market

well, I ended up making a new blog so that everybody can be connected through it at this address:
but you can check our results on the FORUM as usual, anche chek even what the rest of the world did as well!
Anyway it was super FUN, we had 13 peope coming and had great time inside the new pizzeria "Via Mercanti" on Adelaide and Baldwin.
Now I'm looking forward to see the video that Jeremy (green military jacket) will come out with!

giovedì 12 aprile 2012

a video for 35th Sketchcrawl inToronto

SATURDAY 21st April 2012
Hi everybody, friends and acquaintances!
If you never joined a sketchcrawl, that's your chance! 
You'd like but you have kids? bring them with you! You don't know to draw but have a passion for Photography, music, videocording, or just like to be there? Come over!
For this event I decided to make a video (documentary kind, between 5 and 10 minutes) about Sketchcrawl Toronto. I need movie makers volunteers and as many sketching participant as you can involve!
So basically if you are a professional or aspiring director, editor, music player or just like to draw and sketch and meet new people in Toronto, I'd like to hear from you!
Exposure is great because there are people from about 120 towns in the world participating every time, and they all share their results on the Forum. It's a great way to get to know new people doing what you really like!
In the video we should talk about what's cool about Toronto (Environment, multiculturality, artistic culture etc) and what's fun about meeting up and doing shetchrawl (you'll be able to tell it towards the end of your sketching participation if you never come out to this event)

So, WHO's in?

If you don't know what is a sketchcrawl, here the website!
Basically people meet in a place and time (set up on the Forum) and draw whatever they see and like for as long as they can stay. Sometime we migrate in other places nearby after an hour or 2, so if you plan to get there late make sue you have a phone number to call.

You can either write me back -or- reply publicly on the FORUM (this is the link for TORONTO)!

I just moved recently to Toronto, so I'll need the help you can give me in spreading the word.

I also made a Facebook event about it, so you can easily invite your friends.