domenica 18 marzo 2007


Some sketch that
I did during life
drawing, when i
fall into my world.
The main
character, this
ghost, is a
figure that maybe
won't never be
developed 'cause
linked to a mood
and memories which
I don't want to live
again in my mind.

mercoledì 14 marzo 2007


Vecchi vecchi, dai 10 ai 7 anni fa

Alessandro e Alessia

Manuela e Claudia

Riccardo e Lorenzo
Debora e Chirlo

martedì 13 marzo 2007

Life drawing

I'm not really good with selections...

For those that are interested is each wednesday at 6 to 9
at Berry university (Sanguinet with St. Catherine)

Comix "Nini & Nana"

Some old strips that made
me overpass with irony a
period last year. I didn't
use too much fantasy, the
dialogs are reported as the
real life. Thanks Nick to
made me laugh so much.
"Uff... I'm bored"
"My dick is broken"
"No, you have to say "I've broken my dick"
(italian way to say that I am bored)
"How to say hands?" "Mani"
"So... My dick and my hands are broken" help me!

Sadly Morrys is used by
francophones for Maurice!
Description of a tipical idea
of Maurice at the side.
Inspired by dialogs from MSN,

which sometimes transform
people in good confidents and psycoanalists.

Some More comix at

digital painting

Small note
I did art school in Graphic design, those of traditional stamp, so for me the wacom is a new entry in my drawing tools.
But i love it!
I hope to spend more time on it, i'm just a big lazy ass too busy thinking about food first than everything else!

This cat is one of the first things i did with it.

Always inspired by Halloween

a pre-sleep flash in my mind. Still is not as I would see her.

For Tammy, in occasion of her concert

some comix selfportrait

Part of a diary or simpler schetches


I'm a rocker wanna be... at the mirror

Thanks to Erin for posing

This is perfect as desktop when you lock the pc.
She can sit on the logged message :)