mercoledì 24 dicembre 2008

Happy X-mas!

I'm currently in holidays in Italy with Kym. It's fun and also really busy :P
I'm getting ready for big family lunches!!! heheh
Happy holidays to all of you :)

giovedì 11 dicembre 2008

Dr Sketchy in Vancouver!

Finally Dr Sketchy is back in Vancouver!
When I moved here I got a bad surprise knowing the girl that was organizing it was too busy and than had to suspend it. But since a couple of months Shary Contrary re-opened it :)
I went on Monday (ops, was on the 8th, not 6th :P ) and the model, Little woo, had a very interesting dressing, with huge evil horns and light blue eye lens. She even performed a dance towards the end. Well, I'm really happy I can enjoy again this thing, even in the other side of the country :)

sabato 6 dicembre 2008

Per le strade di Bologna

Stavo raccontando dei piani per le vacanze di Natale ad un'amica italiana anch'essa a Vancouver, e da quell'idea ecco il mio schizzo di oggi col gruppo del Sabato. La vespa qui e' ben riconosciuta come design italiano anziche' tanti altri scouter. I was talking with my italian friend here in Van about my X-mas plans, so here the sketch of the day with the Saturday's group.

sabato 29 novembre 2008

Other People in the bus

This was done at the Vancouver Sketch group of today, but first sketched on the bus. I really enjoy this group. If you're in Vancouver and want to join us, look for this group in Facebook, there are the updates for every saturdays meeting point ;)

giovedì 6 novembre 2008

Cirque du Soleil

I've been at the end of June at the Cirque du Soleil in Vancouver.
Was the 1st time I saw this circus company, and this show was "Corteo", which surprisingly for me, had songs sang in Italian :P The show was just amazing, with the choreography and the acrobats.
I did a couple of sketches in the break, and I'm finally finishing them with the color version. I'm enjoying a lot watercolors in the last 2 weeks and today I finally bought a blending brush, it's very useful if you want to paint outside.

domenica 2 novembre 2008

Sketching at Studio 221A

Thursday, surfing on the Scketchcrawl forum, I stumbled in few post by artist I recognized to be at the meeting of last Saturday. I checked amazing the blog of Edison Yan and I discover that he meet with lots of other locals to some cafe during Saturday afternoons. Because of the Halloween Partying of the night before, the session of yesterday was guested by Jonathan Tiong, in his art Studio, a very interesting place where to have a space to do your own or collective art. If you're in Vancouver and need of a creative environment to do your art, you can contact the ppl at the 221A Studio, or you can give them suggestions for organize an art gallery. Ah, I didn't become Psicopatic ;-) The 1st draw is about my friend Sarah, babysitting for Halloween, and the 2nd one is about my other friend Melaina, dressed as Halloween version of Alice in Wonderland.

sabato 25 ottobre 2008

20th Sketchcrawl, also in Vancouver

It's amazing how some artist can organize something that get spread over the world.
I was participating to the Dr Sketchy in Montreal, and through Facebook I'm still getting invites for many other artistic group event, which I was sad to don't have the chance to go, as I live now in Vancouver.
This town is great for many things, but not so much going on about art. So I inscribed myself to a clay sculpturing course, in order to awake my rusted ability with traditional modeling.
But yesterday a friend told me that he's going to a sketchcrawl thing, and I realized that Vancouver has some artist that enjoy this kind of stuff as well. If you don't know this arty activity, it's been invented by an Italian that works in San Francisco, Enrico Casarosa, and you can find infos on this website:
or you can find the group of your town on facebook as well.
I take the chace to post a couple of sketches I did of Kym during this summer :p

martedì 7 ottobre 2008

I've got a website!

Finally, after so much planning and thinking about a website name to share with Kym, we got the domain
it still have to link to our pages, as we spent the weekend making up my own one, at
But it works! Enjoy it!

martedì 23 settembre 2008

Faires and flowers in Victoria

A little late this post, I know, anyway, we took the chance to visit Victoria, on Vancouver Island, in the last weekend of August. That has been a really nice trip in a relaxing environment. The picture has been done in a Mexican restaurant, that had recycled paper as tablecloth and wax pastels in little baskets for each table.
So, since I just crossed one of this fairy and dragons figurine shop, here i did my draw. I would encourage more restaurant to take such nice initiative, it is a fun entertainment for the clients :)

giovedì 11 settembre 2008

Super Sculpey

When I was mentoring in Vancouver Film School I discover a really cool paste to model, which never dry untill you cook it. I know, sounds silly the fact that I don't know about it, but I did 2 years in high school of working clay and I never worked plastiline or similars. Anyway. I like it and it's fast to be worked. I hope to do some more model soon, as I really enjoy it.

lunedì 25 agosto 2008

Some caricature

Yes, I know looks late now, but I did the sketch the day after I saw Sweeney Todd and finally today I did the simile-ink version. Other than that, some other sketch in order to keep alive this blog. Sadly since I moved from Montreal I draw less. I guess it's a loss of artistic inputs that I was having at work, as lot of my colleagues were drawing in waiting times and there were some fun artistic activity in Montreal to participate. Also I need to do more 3D to keep in exercise and learn some other program in order to be updated with new technologies and be more adaptable.

lunedì 28 luglio 2008

Some recent Test

Here 2 dolls in pixel art inspired to the comic novel "Skydoll" of Barbucci & Canepa, for a contest they opened last summer. You can see the winners at: Of course my work didn't win, but has been fun to participate and see some cool artist work.
The second work I want to post today is a couple of character that I draw for my friend Mark Evin, which wanted to purpose the cartoon "Lost in Cyberspace" to some animation events during last summer. I wish him all the best luck.
About my 3D works, I've open some link at the side of the page, also because this blog should be more for my Drawing stuffs. Anyway the Flickr slideshow is really easy to use for the purpose, so go and enjoy it ;)

mercoledì 30 aprile 2008

Black fairy

That has been sketched on the plane while I was going to Vancouver. It's inspired to the fairy contest we got with Miss Sugarpuss -not that this subject is new to me anyway :-P

lunedì 28 aprile 2008

Miss Sugarpuss

Sadly, this was my last Dr Sketchy in Montreal. The model was really interesting to draw, you can find info about her on
I see that in Vancouver the Anti art school has closed the doors few month ago, so if anybody has some advice or know a good place where to organize a new Dr Sketchy, is welcome in the comments area :)

giovedì 14 febbraio 2008

Altri schizzi...

Dedicandomi all'aggiornamento di demo e cv non ho disegnato un gran che' ultimamente. A big sorry for all my Nana comics fans, I really don't find the time to do my little art.

giovedì 7 febbraio 2008

In the pubs of Toronto

I got the luck, during my visit in Toronto last weekend, to end-up in the Cameron House pub (Queen and Spadina). Is where they do DrSketchy there and there was an exposition of model's photos and draws all around the walls. It's been amazing. My compliments Expecially to Katherine Piro, I like her style a lot. (go in 2007 archive) and