sabato 25 ottobre 2014

From illustration to 3D print of a cat

A while back I asked my family and friends which, of this blog illustrations, would look good as a 3d print. The cat illustration I made many years ago, was one of the winners. It's a nice illustration I made to test out my new (back then) Wacom tablet. Today I'm using the same design to test out the glow in the dark pla filament, and creating a figurine that hold the same feeling of the illustration I made back then. I've listed the figurine on Etsy and I hope you'll like it ☺

martedì 14 ottobre 2014

Daenerys 3d print

My work (Guru Studio) 's colleagues made a blog art challenge staring with Game of Thorne. I never really watched it, but I like a lot this character.
It happen to be a long weekend in Canada (Thanksgiving), so as Character Modeler into 3D printing, I couldn’t avoid to use the extra time for jumping into this challenge at best and getting our TD Kym to print it! 

We're going to print a high resolution soon, and paint it, but I hope this test will make it for now!

Here the Original Post on my Tumblr page.

sabato 11 ottobre 2014

Waiting lunch on the patio

this is still from the trip in Prince Edward county, in Ontario near the 1000 islands. Kym made a photo when I was painting the house in the winery backyard. I'm not sure if I ever showed my light trip watercolor set. It's a mints tin case that kym got at an interview with DreamWorks so we kept it for a while and then... oh well it's light and fits a few watercolor bricks  i also have some new water brushes so i can choose different sizes for the various needs. I like a lot the big flat one, very handy. ☺