sabato 31 gennaio 2009

Theme of the day: Sunny on an Elephant on his wedding Day

Jonathan and Jimmy thought to start to draw with a theme at the VSG.
As that was decided at the moment and we didn't get any internet/ magazine to check Indian style, there might be several cultural mistakes. Hope anyway Sunny will laugh watching this :P

venerdì 30 gennaio 2009

Good-bye my friends

Have been a big sketch group on Saturday 24.
Few things happening to us!

Tyler and Andrew are going to a cool concept design school in LA, Edison is gonna spend February working in Seattle, Sunny is missing lately because getting married, while I'll leave soon for Toronto.
I made then the sketch of the ppl that joined the group today (new entry of the day, Adele) and collected some funny drawing-souvenir from the guys.

For those that are still there outside saying that Vancouver is death about art, wake up! These people are trying to organize weekly events in order to share stories, ideas, styles, etc... while doing art (for example at the Studio 221).
Well, I did my propaganda for the day, I can go to sleep now :)

sabato 24 gennaio 2009

Travel in Italy - Christmas 2008

For X-Mas, before leaving from Vancouver, I've got a nice small sketching album from a friend.
It was a perfect idea as this time, my holidays in Italy, has been filled by some day spent traveling in few of the most beautiful Italian cities (Kym's 1st time in Italy deserved it).
Rome is missing (a part the restaurant) and one Venice picture is incomplete in my book, as I didn't have always time to stop and make my drawings. Anyway, I'm pretty happy I could those.
I didn't take any picture, as Kym have an amazing new camera, and hopefully soon he will have something on our Flickr account....

Some photos of when I was drawing in Venezia here and here

domenica 11 gennaio 2009

21th Sketch Crawl - Vancouver

-->Back from Holidays! Well, I had fun so for once I was not looking forward to come back. Kym and I had good time visiting Italy, eating good food and spending time with family and friends. Unluckily my home area was hit by bad weather conditions and then we had more snow than usual (the usual is none).
I’ll post some draw I did during my travel very soon ;)

Anyway, back to Vancouver and to my art activities, there was the 21st Sketch crawl on January 10th, right the day after I come back. I tried to organize as well the one for Parma, posting fliers in many places, but I still don't know of the results :S
Not as many people as last time, mostly because of bad rainy/snowy day, but we had the pleasure to get to know Shawn and Jim. Hope to see some post of them on the sketch crawl forum, they’re both really talented. Might be that Sundeep will post some photo too, but I have to understand in which of the thousand websites linked to the Vancouver Sketch group :D