lunedì 5 ottobre 2015

Stroller bag project accoplished!

This is for my sister in law and my niece, I found the project in "One yard wonders" and used some old print fabric from ikea, which works amazing as a Canadian gift!
NB. I had some instruction help from a sewing savvy friend, as this book has very nice ideas but not the best execution.

lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Pantry solution!

I just moved, and scrumbled the forniture I already had with the new space. We had 2 ikea stolmen units in the old living room. They're pretty great shelving system because they're completely customizable.
We ended up combining them on one wall space and adding some extra shelves. I cut some clear plastic table clot for protection over the shelves and added some of the milk crates at the bottom (with felts under them). We then covered it all with curtains ( sewed at the bottom, if you do this, only after they've been washed, they shrink considerably!). They slide very nicely with the metal rings. All ikea. I'm for fast and economic solutions, and they really minimize forniture shopping time.
So, now we finally have lots of pantry space and it's nicely hidden (and sheltered by the sun light), leaving a clean wall!

venerdì 27 marzo 2015

Painting on a plane

I gave myself way more time than usual for this one, as I had to spend 21 hours on 2 planes coming back from Australia. For fulll disclosure, I also watched 4 movies and took a nap, sketched the line and base color before hand and finalized it tonight while catching up on tv shows. I followed big lines the nice tutorial that Loish made for painting with Sketchbook pro, I can tell it helps! Thank you Loish.
Here the tutorial, a must try ;-)

mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015

Kym as my subject

Perk of dating an artist? You're going to be the subject of your partner art creations!
Here a digital sketch I did a year ago.
I was just drawing a generic guy which didn't get nowhere, so I just turned my head and start to draw Kym on the top of it, while he was playing videogames (that' why the proportions are not realistic).
The strokes of Skechbook Pro can get pretty realistic, I find them quite interesting (other than the fact that the brush I used burn the colors once I did a few overlays).