giovedì 7 novembre 2013

sculpting TV stars

  I sometime get bored of only watching TV, so I take advantage of the charismatic characters to do some art. Although is difficult, in the sense I'm not working with a posing model, but catching glimpses of the scharacter though the rolling of the film.
The mouse is instead from a picture of a gift bag (the wooden spoon was part of the bag with Remy print on it) I took advantage of some great morning lighting to do the shooting. More photo at the bottom of my sculpture and painting photo collection.
Although, the man is about 2 years old, the mouse was done last winter. I'm really bad at updating my blog :-P

martedì 17 settembre 2013

30 Days Art Challenge - Week 2

Ok, I'm excited for this (not really for the crappy compression that I put all my art under) But this were my 1st cat portraits made with Sketchbook Pro. I'm quite happy with this. Anyways, they're 2 cats, so they'll count for today too :-P

domenica 15 settembre 2013

30 days art challenge - Week 1

I'm participating to a group of artist around the world that is encouraging eachother to do art for 30 days with the goal to challenge the onw abilities or learn new tecniques, digitally or traditionally. I cannot put here all the things I did because of work in progress, so I added more of my weekly life drawing at the collective :-)
Anyways, I tried a few new tecnique or subject, so I kept up with the challenge.

Sto partecipando ad un gruppo di artisti attorno al mondo che si sta incoraggiando a fare arte per 30 giorni, con l'obiettivo di migliorarsi e imparare nuove tecniche, sia tradizionali che digitali.
Non posso metter qui tutti i lavori che ho fatto perche' non sono finiti, dunque ho aggiunto qualche altro che ho fatto durante disegno dal vero questa settimana :-)
Alla fine, ho sempre provato nuove tecniche o nuovi soggetti, dunque ho mantenuto lo scopo della sfida.

martedì 27 agosto 2013

Drawing pets

I had this idea that I had to improve my photoshop coloring skills, after looking at a number of artists blogs and tumblr. So I asked my friends to give me their pets photos and I did a couple of fast ones (they took me about 1 h 10 each). They're ok, but not what I had in mind. Well, I guess I need to draw more :-)

domenica 21 luglio 2013

The Collective- 2nd batch

 Again, some other drawing from the Toronto Collective. For more drawing, you may refer to my flickr set. The Collective is actually a cool idea. A group of local artists set every week a meeting, to the place of one or the other, so every time is in a different part of the city. People bring food or drinks, they get a model which can be a friend, a member of the group, or a voulonteer model, and they spend 3 hours chatting and drawing, with some breaks, from 1 to 20 minute poses. The sessions are really entertaining and at the end everybody pass thier skechbook around, so anybody else can see the work done by the memebers of the goup, models included. To close up the evening, who can stay out later go and have dinner or a drink in a near by pub. Occasionally they organize art shows together. ITALIAN for the next batch ;-)

martedì 2 luglio 2013

The other window - final

This is about what I had in mind. Really not precise on the proportion side. But I like the colors. These characters are Vera and Iale, of another more extensive project I'm going to do one day. Hopefully through some of these illustration I'll be able to achieve a style I'd be happy with and feel more self confident about finalizing it.

mercoledì 26 giugno 2013

movies and sketches

I have little fortune in getting friends to willingly be a guinea pig for my caricature exercises. Safe for one of my colleagues, which by now occasionally simply hand me her notebook, a pencil, and makes me a big smile. Adorable. Other than that, I find better fortune in either watching TV or magazines. Here some of the ones I'm most happy with, which I traced back with a ink pen brush.

lunedì 27 maggio 2013

the last minutes- revised.

 All right, finally the revised version of what I did last week, with brighter colors and fixed pose/proportions...
As for the boy, become a girl as was too feeble, but I like the new hair volume and kindness of this figure more. Hope you like this new version.

giovedì 23 maggio 2013

Toon caricatures

Oh well, some exercise to cartoon some friend. Please let me know if you'd like to be cartooned!

venerdì 17 maggio 2013

the last minutes

retake by Varethane (
Ok, this is an experiment for coloring with Sketchbook Pro, although I'm not really happy with this and I'd need some advice in order to make a more pleasant coloring. I think I'll do a version in wuatercolor and see how that will do. Please comment and critique!

domenica 12 maggio 2013

venerdì 3 maggio 2013

The Collective

No, I didn't stop to draw with all that sewing!
I actually started to go to a collective life drawing here in Toronto, and I got to know a lot of cool local people that reminded me my old self. Finally back in track with some new life drawing!

giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

adding color to my drawings

In the last few weeks I started adding lots of color to my watercolors. it's a mix of coincidence and learning. at Work (Guru Studio) we occasionally have internal masterclasses, where we can teach something we're master of, to our colleagues. That time was the turn of Marco Bucci, who told us in one lesson his coloring portrait process, and in the following lesson we had 1h to do the job ourselves. But oh! I forgot to bring paints. the only things I had at my desk were crayola pastels and my sketchbook. So well, I went anyways. He said something like "when light are warm, shadows are cold, so I add here a bit of purple..." I couldn't mix colors. Crayola don't admit much of mixing and half tones, so... I just added the colors as they were. More yellow where the light hit, more purple and blue and green in the shadows... it come out a beautiful rainbowny effect. so I liked it and I try to apply the same effect to my watercolors and digital paintings as well. I have to say I enjoy my artwork much more now. Try to believe!

sabato 5 gennaio 2013

Cucire i miei regali -Sewing gifts

Ho well, I didn't post for a while. Work got really busy at the end of summer and I guess I got caught in it. Anyhow I made some cute Christmas gift and so here the results

Mannaggia, non aggiorno il blog da un sacco di tempo! Il lavoro mi ha tenuta piu' impegnata del solito a partire da settembre, e immagino di essemi lascita trascinare da esso. Comunque, ho fatto qualche regalo carino per Natale, ed ecco qui i risultati :-)