sabato 9 aprile 2011

Dr Sketchy Sydney - Feb 1 2011

I have a bad news for all Torontonians, Dr Sketchy Toronto is done. I hope some new intrepid person will set up a new session, as left shocked many artists in town.
During my stay in Sydney I participate to the Dr Sketchy over there. The models were gougers, and was about the Día de los Muertos, a mexican festivity about death.
The venue can guest around 50 people, can serve food and they always have 2 models staging. The only couple of things I didn't enjoy very much were the absence of usual contest (about the models, best drawing or integration with something) and the fact that out of the 3 hours we only could draw for half of the time, as there were too many 20 minutes breaks. I think it's more a "chatting- eat-drink-draw" than a sketchers passionate with unusual models meeting. Also, the location require a nice dressing code, which sort of crush with the casual canadian style I'm used to.
If you're interested in seeing also the other sketches done that evening, they're on my Fliker page (CLICK).