domenica 21 luglio 2013

The Collective- 2nd batch

 Again, some other drawing from the Toronto Collective. For more drawing, you may refer to my flickr set. The Collective is actually a cool idea. A group of local artists set every week a meeting, to the place of one or the other, so every time is in a different part of the city. People bring food or drinks, they get a model which can be a friend, a member of the group, or a voulonteer model, and they spend 3 hours chatting and drawing, with some breaks, from 1 to 20 minute poses. The sessions are really entertaining and at the end everybody pass thier skechbook around, so anybody else can see the work done by the memebers of the goup, models included. To close up the evening, who can stay out later go and have dinner or a drink in a near by pub. Occasionally they organize art shows together. ITALIAN for the next batch ;-)

martedì 2 luglio 2013

The other window - final

This is about what I had in mind. Really not precise on the proportion side. But I like the colors. These characters are Vera and Iale, of another more extensive project I'm going to do one day. Hopefully through some of these illustration I'll be able to achieve a style I'd be happy with and feel more self confident about finalizing it.