mercoledì 24 dicembre 2008

Happy X-mas!

I'm currently in holidays in Italy with Kym. It's fun and also really busy :P
I'm getting ready for big family lunches!!! heheh
Happy holidays to all of you :)

giovedì 11 dicembre 2008

Dr Sketchy in Vancouver!

Finally Dr Sketchy is back in Vancouver!
When I moved here I got a bad surprise knowing the girl that was organizing it was too busy and than had to suspend it. But since a couple of months Shary Contrary re-opened it :)
I went on Monday (ops, was on the 8th, not 6th :P ) and the model, Little woo, had a very interesting dressing, with huge evil horns and light blue eye lens. She even performed a dance towards the end. Well, I'm really happy I can enjoy again this thing, even in the other side of the country :)

sabato 6 dicembre 2008

Per le strade di Bologna

Stavo raccontando dei piani per le vacanze di Natale ad un'amica italiana anch'essa a Vancouver, e da quell'idea ecco il mio schizzo di oggi col gruppo del Sabato. La vespa qui e' ben riconosciuta come design italiano anziche' tanti altri scouter. I was talking with my italian friend here in Van about my X-mas plans, so here the sketch of the day with the Saturday's group.